15 Cool Websites for Design Inspirations in 2017

Starting a new website design for yourself or a client can be both full of excitement or stress.

The excitement part is when you are about to start working on a website which is on a topic that you know, have a deep knowledge about it. It could be a hobby of yours or something which you love reading, watching or doing. As soon as you read the brief about the project the creative ideas start flowing and you know exactly what kind of design feel you want to go with. But, if that is not the case and the website you have to build is either about something boring, not fun or you don’t have much knowledge about it, then it could stress you out as you might struggle with streamlining your ideas. If that is the case, then it’s time to do some brainstorming, get inspiration from all those awesome websites out there.

Inspiration does not mean that you just copy someone’s design and make it yours! taking inspiration means you get the idea and then try to create something of your own from that.

Another thing is that most of the time you won’t find a good website design for your specific topic, so how to go about those kinds of designs? The best practice is not to look only for the websites which are specifically on your topic but to look for good design elements, color schemes, use of imagery and good user experience.

Also to avoid such situations it’s best to spend some time regularly visiting the design showcase websites like Awwwards, CSSWinner, Behance, Dribbble or any other that you have come across.

With that being said, now it’s time to check out some cool websites for your next possible web design project. Below is the list of 15 websites will inspire and help you get on board the 2017 web design trend wagon.

The Vinyl Factory

Cool Websites



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Thing of Wonder

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One Page Websites


ETQ Store

Best Ecommerce Websites


MailChimp 2016 Annual Report

Best Landing Page



Best Product Websites



Website Inspirations


Actual Source




The Year in Kickstarter 2016


We Are Not Sisters




West Elm Hotels


Extended Play


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