5 Critical Principles of Effective Web Design


Do you know the 5 critical principles of effective web design? If no, do not worry because you are not alone. A lot of business owners and / or web designers do not know what these principles are. So, let us take a look at the 5 principles, one by one, in the paragraphs below.

Place menus that are user friendly on your website. In other words, add menus that are easy to understand, if you want your visitors to stay on your website and young ones to navigate your site easily. Do not use complex flash menus or multilevel drop-down menus

Let your visitors know what page they are on when browsing your website. If you want your visitors to navigate from one page to another and find useful information on your site, always let them know what section of your site they are on.

Never add a splash page to your website. First let me tell you what a splash page is. A splash page is the first page you would hit before you see the homepage of any website. The only thing on a splash page is a welcome message or a click here to enter button, which is entirely pointless. So my advice for you is, if you want your visitors to see the real purpose of your website, let them go straight to the homepage first, whenever they visit your website. To cut the long story short, do not take your visitors to a splash page and then have them clicking on a button, on that page, that takes them to the home page.

Never place banners on your website. This is another critical principle of effective web design. Instead of banners, write quality content and add affiliate links within your content, if you want visitors to buy any product.

Never insert audio into your website. Do not distract your readers by having an annoying audio on replay, if you want them to read the articles on your website. Give them the ability to turn the volume down or to turn it off, if you still want to add audio.

May be your website goal is to let your visitors stay on your website or to let your visitors read the contents on your website, or to let visitors see the real purpose of your website, whatever it may be, just remember to place user friendly menus on your website, let your visitors know where they are on your website, never add splash pages, banner and audio to your website. I can assure you that you will achieve your website goal or goals, if you follow the principles that were discussed.


Source by Kenny O Jola

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