5 Interested Jobs in New Media


Being a new platform of information distribution, there are several interesting jobs in new media which may appeal to your talent, knowledge and skills. These are good paying jobs that offer room for professional growth. Among them are:

1. Web Programming and Web Design

The advent of new media brought forth an increase in web programmers and web designers to accommodate the increasing volume of website management. They are responsible for the effective management and operation of websites which provide up to date information.

2. Writing Jobs

New media involves the digitalization of information from its previous sources. It also paves the way for online writing job opportunities to complement the demand for online resources. Writers can write articles, blog posts, eBooks, and others on various topics. There is also a high demand for writers who are knowledgeable of search engine optimization. Copy writers and editors also fall into this category.

3. Technical Support Jobs

Technical support job or application support is a variety of services which provides assistance with gadgets like computers, mobile phones, electrical goods and software products among others. These tech support people provide users solution should they experience difficulty in their products. They are accessible via telephone or online using a live web chat where users can place their inquiry and get instant reply.

4. New Media Sales Jobs

This category relates to customer service and customer acquisition on a personal basis. It involves both commercial and non-commercial advertising activities which promote a brand or services. Its non-commercial side includes advertising for government agencies, interest groups and even political parties and religious organizations. All of these advertisers fully utilize the technology and accessibility afforded by new media.

5. Copyright Lawyers

The growth of the online industry raises ethical questions on plagiarism and other similar copyright violation and infringement. There is also the concept of "fair use" regarding citation of online resources in academic and personal use. Almost all countries worldwide adhere to the protection of the authors as embodied in their respective laws. To enforce these legal rights, copyright attorneys are experts in the field of copyright to protect authors against copyright infringement and the right to be properly cited for their works.

New media jobs are growing in number especially now that almost everyone is using technology, specifically computers and the internet. If you're after a lucrative career, getting into these new media jobs is an excellent move.


Source by Johnny E Smith

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