5 of the best freeware website builder software for Windows 10




This is a WYSIWYG website builder package that has an appealing UI design and lots of handy tools for website design. You can utilize openElement to set up multilingual websites with responsive designs for a variety of devices without entering any HTML code yourself.

You can add this software to Windows platforms from XP to 10 by pressing the Free Download button on this website page.

The openElement website builder enables you to design sites by dragging and dropping elements, or objects, onto pages. The software includes myriad page elements for sites, such as image, table, Flash animation, pop-up menus, hyperlinks, image gallery, form buttons, HTML 5 videos and lots more besides. Users can further customize the elements via their Properties tabs.

The website builder provides a variety of templates with which you get a site set up in no time. In addition, you can also store various types of page content to the software’s Resources library, which comes in handy if you need to add the same content to multiple sites.

With a multitude of page elements and design tools, openElements certainly has more scope than most alternative freeware website builders.

Those are five freeware HTML and WYSIWYG website builders that you can design extravagant sites with. They’re great value alternatives to Dreamweaver and online website builder apps such as Wix that have monthly subscriptions.

You can also set up sites with the HTML 5 editors included in this software guide.


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