Benefits of Using Email Templates in Outlook


You may have just started a new scheme on your online business site and are quickly typing out a message using Outlook, to send to all your present clients and to prospective ones too. Suddenly you realize that you are essentially typing the same text as the message that you sent out the last week as also the week before that. You may even wish that you had some kind of tool that would help you change some of the content of these email messages, which would otherwise contain the same essential information. You may want to change the content based on the kind of updates you are sending out or based on the recipients for whom the message is meant. For example, you may regularly send information about new products to prospective customers and offer regular customers discounts on these products. These email messages will also contain standard information about you and your business, which will not change very frequently. Of course, one way of saving yourself some trouble is to cut and paste the contents of the message and then modify it in certain places. However, Outlook provides you with a much easier alternative.

Just like other Office applications, Outlook also provides support for templates; in this case, email templates. Using this feature, you can design templates that will contain some boilerplate email message. Further, you can create a toolbar button in Outlook that will allow you to compose a new email message that already contains this boilerplate text. Now all you need to focus on is including your new information in this message and customizing the other content to create a brand new message.

Once you understand the basic technique, it is very easy to create Outlook templates and to use them on the toolbar. Begin by opening a new message window as you would normally. Now type or copy in the message that you would like to appear as the boilerplate text. If the Subject is also going to remain unchanged, type in the Subject name as well. Similarly, if the message is going to go to the same set of people as say in a client distribution list, you might want to include the name in the To, Cc and Bcc fields. Finally, you need to go to File -> Save As and in the dialog box that appears, give a name for this template and select Outlook Template (* .oft) from the list of options. Your email template is ready for use.

Of course, at times, even Outlook begins to give too many error messages and you may be afraid that the email template that you have so carefully constructed will be lost. While taking backups is one option, another option is to have a powerful Outlook recovery tool such as Advanced Outlook Repair on hand. This software helps fix Outlook so that you do not lose any important data. Not only can Advanced Outlook Repair help fix Outlook, it helps recover messages in HTML format as also embedded objects such as Word documents or Excel Worksheets, thereby that ensures that your templates are unaffected.


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