Color Palettes For Web Design


Designing a website is not that easy task; it involves many considerations to be kept in mind. Layouts, color palettes, modes and many other factors require expert knowledge to give a high quality output to a business. While using CSS web layouts for the web design, you may notice the change in the way the colors are defined. In spite of the standard six character long code after the pound sign, you can see just 3 characters, this is known as color shorthand. The advantage is that the web safe browsers uses triplets that are always doubled, which means that each color triplet is made up of three pairs of characters and for web browsers safe colors they are doubled. Writing color shorthand is simply removing the duplicate character in the script.

In a web design, you never know who is viewing your site, and in which color mode. Using browser safe colors is a bet, it's easy to create nice looking pages through web browser safe color palette, and still many people use non browser colors and make ugly web pages for the sites. You need to make the choice about using web safe colors or non browser color palette recognizing the difference in the web pages. Web colors can be used to create the layout for the customers who use 8 bit monitors. While choosing the color palette you need to understand the needs and requirements of the audience so that you get the colors that go well together.


Source by Nikit Saluja

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