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When we tell people we travel full-time, we get one of two reactions. The first is that people are amazed and fascinated with the idea and the second, people say we’re crazy and they could never spend that much time with their family.

No matter the reaction, the first question they always ask is, “how do you make money on the road?” Many assume we’re independently wealthy, which is far from the truth.

When we hit the road, we started a business called Virtual Powerhouse. The idea for the business was to offer virtual assistant services. This meant providing any office services that a business may need. Basically, an administrative assistant who was virtual. We quickly realized we didn’t like the administrative work and the inconsistency of how much work was coming in each day. Instead we decided to focus on monthly packages for clients around social media, email marketing, blogging, Pinterest, website design and graphic design work for small businesses.

Over the years, many businesses used the YellowPages to advertise. Now that everyone is on social media, it has become the new platform to advertise to potential customers as well as establishing an online presence so those potential customers think of you when they need a service you provide. Email is still a powerful tool for businesses to reach clients and continue to build on their relationship even after the sale is complete, and almost all businesses want a website.

We work with many different types of clients from bloggers to small business owners and even a couple large businesses. We provide them services such as posting to social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. We create and send email marketing to their customer list. We do web design, graphic design and use Pinterest to drive traffic to their website.

All of these services give our clients an online presence that gets their name out there to a huge number of people. They have really seen success with this model of advertising and it has allowed us to fund our travels and our everyday life.

The other way we earn a living from the road is by blogging about our adventures on our website Crazy Family Adventure. We make money on the ads that run on our website as well as some of the products we write about.

We’ve also created a course that helps people choose and set up their own virtual business so they can work from anywhere in the world or just make some extra money at home. You can learn more about that on our site.

While the entrepreneurial life has many challenges it also provides many rewards. We really try to embrace the challenges and enjoy those rewards and so far we’re loving every step!



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