Designing a Better Email Template


In today's e-business world, thousands of email newsletters are sent out everyday as a means of attracting customers. Often the newsletters are highly trusted and people buy products advertised in these newsletters. But often the newsletters get blocked, filtered or blacklisted. Let's examine the reasons and solutions how to create the best email template.

The Email Template: Diagnosis of the Problem

Sometimes the email template is the reason that the emails are not being delivered. Through template redesign a large number of undeliverable emails can be delivered.

Strip out all variable template elements – text, images, personalization, etc. Run the template through an HTML code validator and spam content checker. After this, send the template to test accounts in various email clients. View the message in a number of browsers.

After correcting the problem, add in various elements and run it through the diagnostic problem again in the race to get the best email template.

Redesign with the Preview Pane in Mind

Many email clients today offer customers the choice to view content in a preview pane. Messages that do not look good in the preview pane are often deleted before opening.

Redesign the message with the preview pane in mind. Make sure the message looks appealing in the preview pane and readers are likely to open the message.

Redesign with Blocked Images in Mind

Templates that place together message content into a single large image make a design flaw. Such messages are likely to be flagged as spam. They are often not displayed.

To resolve this problem and get the best email template there is, replace navigational images with text links and add image alt tags that something make up for the absence of images by substituting text.

Tone Down the Volume

Some amount of promotion is acceptable in the message, but excessive promotion of the type "click here now" is likely to get the message flagged as spam. Moderate messages by decreasing the number of heavily promotional text.

Include Essential Elements

Every email message needs certain essential elements such as:

A working opt-out link.
A link to the website
Company name and physical address
A contact us link or phone number
A link to the preference update page

Group these elements in a common format in each email.

Test the redesign once it is done. Compare delivery rates before and after. This lets you evaluate the effectiveness of the redesigned message.

Hand Code Email

HTML coding programs such as FrontPage are not ideal for coding email newsletters. It is better to code email by hand or to use a program like Dreamweaver or Homesite.

Also, remember to host images on your website rather than sending them via email. This helps prevent your email being labeled as spam, since file sizes grow quite large in sent email due to images. Remember this checklist for the best email template as a guide to happy email sending.

1) Avoid CSS
2) Keep HTML 500-650 pixels wide
3) Avoid Flash
4) Avoid scripting with JavaScript or VB Script

Ultimately Content Is King

Remember that good content will help your message to be read, and you product to be purchased. It also helps avoid your email from being labeled as spam. Work at the technical and creative aspects of your email to get that killer best email template.


Source by Julia Gulevich

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