Elements of a Good Web Design


A good web design is an accumulation of design elements, contents and various technical functionalities in an effective manner. A web page should be so designed that it looks quite pleased as well as interesting to its visitors. The page should not simply be used as a display board of your technical efficiencies. Rather the technical and the design elements are to be arranged in such a manner that it brings about a rhythm of internal consistency to the web page. Placements of elements are also very important. Keeping diverse elements apart and like elements together will make the website disciplined looking and impressive as well. Choose a background which never interrupts your texts and gives the website a bright look. In short a page should be designed for visitors easier to comprehend.

People prefer to skim a web page rather than going through the complete content. Thus the content has to be comprehensive. Put the comprehensive slogan into the first paragraph and elaborate the matter in the following ones. The paragraphs too have to be to the point. Do not try to enlarge your content with irrelevant matters. Write concise sentences without grammatical and spelling errors to depict the purpose of your website. If possible replace your paragraphs with points. This makes the task easier for the viewers to scan the page at a glance. Use subheadings under the main subject. This makes your reader to choose their required subject much easily.

Place the links within your web page in a systematic manner. It will help your visitors to easily identify the things they are looking for. Which in turn lure then to go deep inside your website by visiting the inner pages. Navigation buttons and bars should be easy to identify. If your site is a large one, do not forget to provide a site map. Use few repetitive elements in each of your pages so that all of them seem to be belonging to the same site. Most often always recheck your page before it is put into public view. A minor mistake in your web page may drive your viewers far away.

I have written few words as a general guidance for the people who are looking for building a website for them. These are all from my 6 – 7 years working experience as a web developer India. For these valuable years of my career I am working as a leader of the web-programming team of AM Soft, a frontline web development company India. Build a clear concept about website design, choose the right web design company and get the nice website for you. Good luck and best wishes.


Source by Rakesh Mehta

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