Email HTML Templates – 4 Layout Tips


In order to create a professional looking and effective email, a lot of attention must be placed on the design of your HTML email template layout. A template that looks dull, shabby or simply untidy can lead to detrimental effects on a reader's perception of you as well as your business, products and services. So when you decide to create HTML email, pay attention to the layout of your email. Take a look at these four great tips for your email layout:

1. Provide sufficient white space

It is imperative that your HTML email have just the right amount of free white space in its layout design. There is a fine line between too much white space and too little. You must make sure that you maintain a balance as excessive white space makes your email look bare and unprofessional while too little white space gives your email a cramped and untidy look. It is also a good idea to leave lines between paragraphs. This makes your email look tidy and spacious.

2. Make use of bullet points

Using features like bullet points gives your email a very stylish and readable touch. Sometimes your email may contain a number of important points; in such a case it would look untidy if you listed all these points in paragraph form. Bullet points are the best solution for such issues. Making use of bullet points is especially helpful when you want readers to pay attention to certain topics. Each topic in your email can be introduced as a distinct bullet point so that readers can give each topic its due attention.

3. Create an effective subject line

Creating an effective subject line is a difficult task. Readers take a quick glance at the subject line of your email and make a decision; a subject line that is less than perfect, results in instant deletion – one click and your email is relegated to the trash or junk mail folder. Keep your subject line short, ensuring that it is relevant to your email content and make sure that it leaves a great impression on your readers.

4. Select the correct text format

Your email recipients have a wide gamut of ways in which they can choose to read their emails. Emails can be opened and read via an email client program and also via a web based client. When it comes to your emails, select a text format that is most compatible with the majority of your readers. This will result in your emails being received in an error free layout, no matter what type of email client is used by your readers.

A professional looking HTML layout is sure to lead to an improvement in your response rate, so give these tips a shot when you create your email.


Source by Jamie Colbs

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