Email Marketing – 5 Tips to Design a Good Email Template


Today, many businesses use email marketing to keep in contact with their prospects and clients. HTML emails are widely used for all kinds of professional correspondence. Due to the emergence of new communication platforms, people are reading emails through a number of standardone email clients. When you send an HTML email, you must make sure that it is going to be displayed correctly across various platforms so that your recipients can read it.

In this article, let me share with you 5 tips to design a good email template:

1. Write a good subject line. This is the first thing that your recipients will see when they receive your email. A good subject line will increase the open rate of your email. Therefore, you should spend some effort to craft a good subject line to get the attention of your recipients.

2. Have enough white space in your email. This is important because people have difficulty reading large chunk of text. So make sure that you separate your text into paragraphs and have enough white space in between them. A good practice is to use a horizontal line to separate your paragraphs. This will make reading easier.

3. Use bullets in your content. Breaking down your content into point forms will make it easier for your recipients to read your email. This is because bullets naturally lead the reader from one point to another. This is extremely effective if your message is long. Breaking your content into point forms will ensure that recipients finish reading your email.

4. Use the right text format. Make sure that the text format of the letters is widely used. Today people read emails from various devices. By choosing a universal text format, you can ensure that they will be displayed properly on the devices.

5. Bring across one message per email. You should bring across one message in each email that you send out. By talking about one specific topic in one email, this will ensure that readers get what you mean. When you talk about too many topics, you will make them confused and lessen the chance to get a response from them. Therefore, always limit the scope of your email.

Do not broadcast an email campaign with a lousy email template. The email template should reflect the brand of your company and when it is done properly, you will definitely get a good response from your email campaign. So spend time and effort to design a good one.


Source by Cheow Yu Yuan

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