Email Marketing Templates – Some Basic Information


Email marketing is the use of emails for the purposes of direct marketing. Email marketing is a broad term and could mean any of the following:

• Sending emails to customers to promote customer loyalty or inform them of new services or products that are available.
• Thanking customers for their business and encouraging them to repeat business
• Sending emails with advertisements to new customers to help generate new business.

The largest advantage of email marketing is that it is virtually free. Comparing to traditionally mail marketing, email marketing is much cheaper and can reach a larger target audience. For example, a company looking to promote a line of products will first have to design a promotional document. After that they will need to print copies and envelopes. These (the envelopes) then need to be addressed, stuffed, sealed and sorted. If the company opts for an email instead of the traditional mail, all the company needed to do was create the marketing mail and then send it out to as many people as they wanted. The process can even be automated.

The disadvantage of email marketing is that not all people have access to the internet. Out of those that do most either skip or ignore these mails altogether. Email providers also screen and block quite a few of these mails.

Marketing emails need to be designed so that they attract and hold a person's attention when they open the mail. This can be hard to do. So email templates are divided into two categories – HTML templates and non HTML templates.

HTML Templates use HTML code to create interactive emails while the non HTML templates are the normal mails with text and pictures. HTML coding has changed as the years have gone by and much more can be done with HTML now.

Ideally marketing emails should start out with a line or two explaining the reason of the mail. That's the traditional way of doing it. With HTML you can add in a flashing picture or graphic that explains the reason of the email.

If you plan on adding content in the form of articles, then add extracts of the article with a link to the article. That way the person reading the article can go to the article if interested and the space in the mail can be used for other things.

A word of warning though. Do not get carried away with the HTML code. If an email is too heavy and takes time to load, people will probably not look at it. Also, email providers direct heavy mail directly to spam folders. Keep the email light, informative and to the point.

If you are looking email marketing templates you can find plenty on the internet. You can buy and use these email templates from the internet as they are or order custom designed ones. It makes more sense in outsourcing your email template work to professionals rather than struggle and try to put together an email yourself.


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