Evolution of Website Design


Web design is one of the most complicated parts of the internet, which forms the main body for a company. In the earlier days, people hardly understand the meaning and presentation on the internet. At that time HTML was being taught to the people from the graduation schools. But as the web technology is still evolving these days, the foundation of the website design and its undeniable usability and importance will never be quenched. In past times, these websites did not exist, hardly anybody had it to promote their businesses, but now every second business is having a website on the World Wide Web.

Website designing is an important process of conceptualizing, planning, representing and creating the image of the company through internet, which takes place with the help of markup languages and other technologies. The resulting product is then made ready to be displayed on the web with the help of browser or any other software. The content on the website has to be delivered with many implementations like markup languages like HTML, XHTML, XML and plug-ins like flash, java etc. these languages are used to encode the layout into different forms like text, images, flash files and others into a reasonable medium for viewing. The web pages we see in our everyday lives are a result of website design.

The latest improvements in the website design include those of W3C standards, with minimum use of XHTML and XML in correlation to CSS (cascading style sheet) which has transformed the trend of web layouts. Many improvements have been made to website design, accessible for the web user that is why anyone can be a webmaster with the right tools and proper knowledge of softwares. There are two types of web pages that can be produced by website design: static and dynamic. The static web pages cannot be manipulated manually. And the content and graphics in the dynamic web pages can be changed according to the interaction and change in environment. It is more user oriented website; clients can easily make the necessary changes. Many web designers are easily available in the market, to design the different websites for different companies from various backgrounds like estates, accounting, designing, shopping; directories etc. Website design has become a crucial part of any business to survive on the World Wide Web. Many different methods are implemented for the creation of website, and making it available to the whole world.


Source by Nikit Saluja

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