Factors of Color Variations in a Web Design


Colors play a vital role for an average web designer. As many designers do not realize the effect of the colors they choose for the different websites. People do not realize while reacting to the colors element of any web design. You need to understand the colors scheme according to the target audience's mind. Calming and soothing colors are generally preferred. You need to check out your audience while it is global audience, primary western, eastern, and in accordance with the age and more can affect the choice of colors for your website.

Cultural differences matters a lot in the meaning of colors and it can cause some problems in your site. Different colors in different areas and cultures may disturb the people you are trying to reach. Age differences also create many problems in defining the color schemes as young people like brighter and solid colors, while adults like pastel colors and other shades of gray. Class of people also influence the differences in a web design like working class prefer green, blue, red etc whereas highly sophisticated and educated people like azure, mauve etc. gender differences also makes some differences as men like cool colors (blues and greens) and women like warm colors (reds and oranges).

Colors which are in and out of the popularity also differ while designing a website. Black web pages were in fashion few years ago, but now they are very available. Colors also tend to change according to the season that is web design reflects the season they were built in that winter season: blacks, whites and gray, spring season: green and bright colors, summer season: fall browns, gold and yellows.


Source by Nikit Saluja

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