Features of Joomla Web Design


Joomla is one of the most popular open source website building software. Joomla has become an indispensable tool to the web developers due to its many attractive features. It is easy to use, extensible and above all is an open source solution, which can be used by anyone free of cost. In fact Joomla is a high quality content management system (CMS). A content management system is software that is used to keep record of every piece of content on your Web site.

Joomla is an easy to install software and user friendly to one who is not an advanced user. a number of Web hosting services offer a time saving and quick install, getting your new site ready and running in a very little time. Since Joomla is so user friendly and easily accesiible, a Web designer or developer, finds it much easier build sites for theirr clients with the hlp of Joomla.

The important features of Joomla webdesigning are:-

a) Content management

b) Customization of templates

c) Integrating search module

d) User management

e) Contact management

g) Online poll

h) Multi-lingual option, you can use Joomla to build it. Doesn’t matter whether it is a simple representative website or a complex web application. Starting from educational institutions, non-profit organizations to commercial houses of any size, all types of industry and organization can build their websites with Joomla framework example:

a) Personal web pages

b) Society websites

c) Educational Institution website

d) Governmental portals

e) Joomla article directory

f) Joomla Community Portal

g) Small business web design

h) Corporate Portals

i) Joomla multiple language site

I have written few words as a general guidance for the people who are looking for building a Joomla website for them. These are all from my 6 – 7 years working experience as a web developer India. For these valuable years of my career I am working as a leader of the web-programming team of AM Soft, a frontline web development company India.AM Soft has experienced and expert indian joomla programmers. Our joomla developers india use Joomla themes with clinical finish to produce rich quality simple CMS website with joomla, complex business web solutions and Joomla application. Build a clear concept about Joomla website design, choose the right web design company and get the nice Joomla website for you. Good luck and best wishes.


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