Free Email Marketing Templates – What to Expect


Free email marketing is a difficult enough exercise without having to worry about things like creativity and design. While some would argue that this is an integral aspect of the marketing mailer experience and not an independent aspect, the process requires time and effort – both of which translate into costs for the bulk email marketer. It is probably then a boon and a godsend for most email marketers to know that there are service providers who offer this service for absolutely no cost. Of course, when it comes to taking up something that is zero cost, there is usually always a catch involved as well.

Most service providers have decided to use an approach from regular business: hire some ace graphic designers and coders and make them create templates instead of doing one-off projects for each individual client. This makes absolute business sense for the service provider who can now offer creative design services that takes no production costs at all. And in all fairness, some of the design templates for bulk email mailers and newsletters are indeed quite impressive and after seeing them, you would wonder why more people do not read bulk email.

Free email marketing service providers offer templates for mail creation along with a slew of other services like tracking, reporting, and analysis of performance. These are usually a standard set of offerings and if your service provider is not giving you all of these, as a bare minimum, then you might have to consider the fact that you are not doing business with the best. You should also think about what suits your business needs specifically.

Design templates come in all forms and sizes. What you should do is look for a template that does not radically disturb your existing design guidelines – unless that is a change that you purposefully want to make. Some of the general facets to look at these templates are the amount of text area, the image settings and placement, the ability to add multimedia, and from a coding perspective, how robust is the template to adding flash elements. Multimedia is a contentious issue for some bulk email marketers who would say that most email clients block the download of images and video. This is a valid argument but the counter argument for this is simply that genuine marketers would have already ensured that they are part of the "safe senders list."

Free email marketing design templates are a great way to start off your email campaign but again, the question comes up, what is the catch? The simple answer to this is that most of the freedoms that you could have enjoyed if you created your own email from scratch are history. If you previously prided yourself on eccentric designs and non-conformism in mailer design then this would now be a problem for you. Additionally, this service is of no use if your content is largely image based and has a low proportion of text.


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