Hot Web Designing Trends For 2013


1. Branding will take a walk

All businesses want to make their brand noticeable so that people recognize it within a few seconds. 2013 is likely to pay more attention on brand designing instead of simply implementing website designing related to recent trends. Designers are liable to select elements that can complement the brand or increase the attractiveness of the company logo. As a business owner, you must get your site designed in a manner that represents the brand's image.

2. Responsive web design

Looking at trends during 2012, this prediction is likely to be true. New handheld devices, desk top devices and mobile devices are being introduced rapidly. Since every device varies in screen size and specifications, responsive web designing will be a popular trend during 2013. Responsive web design eliminates screen size issues based on its adaptability for device size. Web designers will not have to create different layouts for desktop and mobile devices as one design will function flawlessly on every device. This trend will provide convenience to website owners, graphic designers and the users.

3. Vertical scrolling

Website optimization is likely to become a very significant decision. Many websites offer both, horizontal and vertical scrolling for mobile devices, suddenheless, vertical scrolling will become the leading trend during 2013. Vertical scrolling provides much convenience to mobile users as it is convenient, efficient, user-friendly and provides easy navigation. Another particularly trendy trend is vertical scrolling of buttons and menus. In this design option, as the user scrolls down a page, the header menu scrolls down too, making it convenient for the user to choose a menu option.

4. Big buttons

As touch and tap options are becoming increasingly popular, big buttons are also logical trend predictions for 2013. Large, blue buttons have previously been used for cosmetic purposes, but these are now expected to become necessities. They will make tapping quite easy. However, the downside is that these huge buttons will require more graphic elements which could potentially slow down the website. Without web designers can find a way around this issue, this trend may not become popular.

5. Designed typography

2013 is likely to be the year of typography as it will receive significant significance. Due to the numerous variations in Typography, web designers have many fonts to choose from. However, choosing typography is a major decision and opting for a trendy typography design is even more significant. With typography becoming an integral component and sometimes even the foundation of website design, designers will change their strategy of replacing text with images, and will instead focus on enhancing the website's overall impact through effective use of typography.

6. Parallax scrolling

One definite trend during 2013 will be the use of parallax scrolling effects. This feature has existed for some time but was linked more with video games. Parallax scrolling allows web designers to manage the depth of design objects.


Source by Max Chohan

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