How to Improve Your HTML Email Template


Email marketing has become a popular way to promote your products or services. The 2 biggest advantages of email marketing are it's cost effective and you can target people across the world. HTML emails are the most popular among companies that have email marketing. However, designing an HTML email template can become a challenging task. How well you can design a template, depends entirely on how skilled you are with HTML. You can also use readymade email templates that are available on the Internet. It is possible to improve upon these templates. However, make note of the following things, before you start on the improvements.

Stick to the basics

It is better to stick to Inline CSS. The thing is most people use Microsoft Outlook to read their mails, personal and professional. Here, make adjustments in your templates accordingly. You should also keep in mind that online mail services like Hotmail and Gmail may not support HTML emails like Outlook. Your aim should be to send emails that look the same to all clients, online or computer based. Inline CSS is compatible with most major email clients. Utilize it for the background, color schemes, graphics, font types and size in your email template.

Continue using tables for the basic layout

Retain tables in your template at all times; especially, if you intend to make some serious changes to the design. Like CSS, different email clients support tables differently. You should set all table attributes, at your disposal, wherever you can. Remember that nested tables are your best bet. When you add images to your template, you should use the background function on tables.

Test your template on a range of email services

Testing your template on different email services is very important and the most effective way to make improvements. Many designers and marketers spend loads of time to design the perfect web page. When it comes to emails, however, there is a certain amount of neglect. Like websites, it is very difficult to produce a template that'll look the same, across email clients. To make sure your email looks the same to all your subscribers, irrespective of the mail client or service they use, test it on everything you can find. Test your HTML email template in all major email clients and web based mail services like Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Thunderbird and Mac Mail. Last, the browsers your clients use also affect the appearance of your emails.

One thing that you can be sure about email campaigns is that they are not easy to organize. The design and layout of your email is one aspect. At the end of the day, your reputation as a business and marketer depends entirely on how relevant subscribers find your email.


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