How to Include Links in Your Free Email Template


HTML email templates are a great place to direct your clientele for further information on the Internet that is relevant to your content. It is often to include too much textual or visual detail in an introductory message – this can deter the recipient from exploring the subject matter further. If, however, there is an appropriate amount of text followed by the option to learn more through a link, this solves the problem of making the message too text-heavy while still giving the option for the viewer to choose to learn more about the subject or not.

When inserting a link, one should be careful of several things. The first is to of course make sure that the link is indeed valid and working – many times, websites go out of service or change their URL. Be sure to double-check the link before inserting it into the newsletter.

Before inserting a link, be sure to include a concise but accurate description of what the link is for. Do not leave it as a stand-alone reference, the recipient will be less attributable to explore it.

Some links tend to run on for over one line, try to avoid using such links by using the tiny URL feature. Simply go to and enter the link that you would like tobridge. It will give you a short version that will not spill over in your e-mails. Long links received on mobile devices will also spill over many lines and prove problematic to mobile email users.

If you are including images or video in your newsletter, be sure to also include a link that will direct them to view it outside the context of the email. If for some reason they want to enlarge the image or video, this will give them the option to do so. Be sure to use absolute links in your HTML template for the images that you use, if you use a relative link, it is possible that the image will not be accurately located when viewed by the recipient. It is also important to make sure that the link is active, so that the image can be selected in the email if necessary. The image is not permanently embedded in the email, so the absolute link is critical.

Finally, only include links that are from trustworthy sites, if you refer to links that are suspect, it is likely that your message will be filtered into spam by the email service itself. The sites you link should be reliable, well established and professional, so that your company is reflected in a similar manner.


Source by Jamie Colbs

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