HTML Email Templates – 5 Email Layout Tips


HTML emails nowdays are being used broadly for all kinds of professional correspondence. To have more appeal to your target market and consumers, the need to create your message with style is very important. An email could be read through a number of standard email clients such as Outlook, AOL and Eudora. There are also web-based email clients such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. With these number of email clients, you need to be sure that your HTML email message is going to be displayed correctly to ensure that it will be read by your recipients. Here are some of the tips for you to lay out your HTML messages correctly and effectively.

1. Have enough white space.

Having sufficient white space in your email is important because having a ton of text in it will result in people not reading them fully. Making sure that you have enough space in between your paragraphs or even putting a line to separate your paragraphs will make it easier for your email to be read. Also, you need to make sure that you will not put too much space either because this will extend the length of your email. Try to find the middle ground where you can divide your paragraphs with enough space so that it will not look very boring.

2. Have bullets for clarity of reading.

One thing to make your email clear is by using bullets. Using bullets can give clarity to the readers since this will make it easier for them to follow your text. Bullets naturally lead the reader from one point of your message to the next. Having bullets, especially on the important topics in your email, is very useful because this will allow the readers to see them more clearly, giving you a better chance to point out the main idea of ​​your email.

3. Select the right text format.

Selecting the right text format for your email is also very important. There are a lot of ways that people can read your email, it can be read through an email client program or it can be read through a web-based email client. You need to make sure that the text format of the letters that you are using is being broadly used or rather more universal because this will ensure that there will be no errors in opening up your HTML email no matter what email client your reader is using.

4. Choose a good subject line.

Choosing a good subject line for your email is very important because this will be the first thing that people would check before they start to read your email. Your subject line will determine whether your email will be read or not because a lot of people are getting hundreds of emails a day and they are very on the subject line to see if they want to read the email or not. This will allow you to get to the attention of the reader and for them not to disregard your email. You also need to make sure that the subject line you choose is specific enough to get their attention and not just a trick for you to get them to read the email. Choose a subject line that is specific enough that it will let the readers know what the email is all about.

5. Limit the scope of your email.

You need to make sure that you limit the scope on each of the email you send out. Each email you send out should have only one purpose. It is important that you only talk about one specific topic because this will allow the reader to understand the point that you're trying to get across. You do not want to send an email talking about a lot of things because this will confuse the reader and it will less the chance for you to get a response. Limiting the scope of your email will ensure that you will be getting the exact response to a specific topic.

By following these 5 tips, you can be assured that the layout of the HTML email you're creating is done correctly and correctly. With these tips, the chance of your HTML emails being read and responded to will definitely increase.


Source by Jamie Colbs

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