Is Responsive Website Design for You?


While it has been proven that responsive website design is here to stay and that it will be with us into the future, is it right for you? Nobody can tell you what tomorrow might bring and many times it is scary to even think about. Having an aggressive approach to the future can make the things that we do now last longer and can also serve our needs in the future.

Responsive website design is one of those aggressive ways to approach the future. It is a design which can adapt itself according to multiple viewing contexts while embracing the adoption of devices that have web capabilities.


Users can get an experience that is rich regardless of the type of device that they are using to access your site.

  • You will not need to worry about the content parity. Simply upload your content and you are ready to go.
  • With technology changing and going more towards the mobile world, the native platform will not be as useful in the future as it is now. Having a responsive website design can keep your site right on top of technology changes.
  • Having a responsive design can assist us in becoming more responsible towards the future while it also makes us think in terms of getting a great experience both now and in the future.
  • It has finally paved a way for the end of designing sites for fixed viewsports.
  • This type of design has brought us many approaches that are future friendly such as user-first, context first, mobile first, platform agnostic and many more.
  • Having a totally separate site or app for mobile devices is expensive. This design is much more cost effective.


One of the most frequently seen issues with responsive design is navigation. The best way around this issue is to make a decision regarding the content of your site and then hash out the pros and cons of navigation to the different areas.

We live in a world that is run by money. That means that ads on a responsive website can be a drawback. On one hand you can choose to display ads on any mobile device across the board. This might bring in that much needed revenue. However, you can also choose to go the route of the more user friendly responsive websites and have no ads at all. This may hurt revenue at first, but you will gain customer loyalty which can in turn lead to greater revenue in the future.

There are many more pros and cons, of course. Take into account the size of your website, how it performances – or should perform – the images and content on it and everything else.

Is it for You?

If you want the ease and capability of maintaining a single site that can be used across multiple devices then responsive website design might be the best option for you. If you want to give your users a unique experience based on what they use to access your site and you do not mind maintaining a variety of sites then you might want to steer clear of responsive design and have separate sites for each type of mobile device .


Source by Kathryn McDowell

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