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Mad Mind Studios, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing and branding agency, offers clients influencer marketing to clients to help grow their online presence. The company connects clients with Instagram celebrities, large Facebook pages, and YouTube stars to help their clients.

Influencer marketing is a new tactic in getting “influencers” (digital celebrities with large followings on social media channels) to promote the company’s products or service. Essentially, brands desire for their influencers to become assets to their overall outreach strategy by turning influencers into brand ambassadors.

Omid Mousaei, CEO of Mad Mind Studios, believes influencer marketing is one of their most popular services and predicts 2018 to have an even bigger focus on famous brand ambassadors: “Our clients have experienced massive growth in their social media following due to our influencer marketing service.”

Mad Mind Studios has worked on influencer marketing for clients like Blumen Hair & Body and KickBack Cold Brew. While both companies are entirely different in their client base and branding, both have grown their social media profiles and digital outreach through influencers.

Influencers, depending on their social media following, can be difficult for brands to reach out to and also afford. Thus, small business owners and medium-size businesses sometimes have trouble reaching out to Facebook/Instagram influencers, which calls for a need for a professional influencer marketing agency to help them.

Stationed in Los Angeles, Mad Mind Studios is often working with brands that need extensive influencer marketing assistance. Many companies in Southern California can benefit from connecting with Los Angeles-based influencers due to their following also being in the area. Lifestyle bloggers, fitness fanatics, and “foodie” influencers are very popular in Los Angeles, making them valuable influencers to many brands.

The cost of influencers depend on a variety of factors, but Mad Mind Studios is adamant on negotiating with potential brand ambassadors. Mousaei continued, “Some influencers demand high payments for a few posts on their Instagram or Facebook profiles. It’s quite easy for small companies to be manipulated by these influencers to pay a high price, but we make sure to negotiate for the best deal possible.”

The best case scenario, Mousaei believes, is when company’s can simply send product to the influencers as a form of payment for Instagram posts. Another popular method to utilize influencers is to use their page as a means to generate buzz for giveaways.

Mousaei understands the value of influencer marketing, no matter the size of the business: “Every business can work with influencers regardless of their marketing budgets. They just need an agency’s expertise in navigating the waters to get the best deals possible.”

About Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles digital marketing, branding and web design agency that helps small, medium and large businesses achieve higher growth.

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