Newsletter Templates For Marketing – Four Good Designs


Email marketing has now become the cheapest mode of advertising. It is also the fastest way to promote your products and services all across the world. However, there is a catch. You have to organize your email marketing campaign and develop your newsletters in such a way that clients read them and get in touch with you. This is not an easy as it appears to be. First and foremost, you have to come up with a good design. You may have all other things in place but it will not matter much if your newsletters are not being read by your clients. So, let us take a look at some of the designs that can be used for your newsletter templates.


Sending out HTML based newsletter templates has become very common now. Indeed, newsletters developed using HTML are popular. However, there are advantages and disadvantages involved. For one, newsletter templates developed in HTML look really classy and professional compared to those in plain text. HTML newsletters are easier to create than PDF newsletters. If you want your newsletter template to have pictures, graphics and color schemes, then HTML is your best bet. However, the designs you create using HTML may have some issues regarding compatibility. Their appearance may not be the same on all computers.

Plain Text

Newsletter templates created in plain text are simple in appearance. The other thing about plain text newsletters is that they can be created faster than all other types of newsletters. It is very unlikely that your plain text newsletter will be hindered by spam filters, so your newsletter will reach the inboxes of your clients'. The only real disadvantage about plain text newsletters is that they look less professional than HTML newsletters. Plain text is the best bet for you when you want the content to do the trick for you or if you do not have the time, money or patience to sit and decide what the design should be.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF is not used as frequently as HTML or plain text. However, you will come across Internet marketers and companies that use it. A PDF based newsletter template is created when there are loads of graphics to be included and the overall look needs to be trendy. For instance, if your newsletter is about places to visit and you want to incorporate images with high resolutions, then you can use PDF. Creating PDF newsletter templates can become a tedious job because you have to develop content in an application like Microsoft Word and then convert it into a PDF using another application. Your clients will have to download the newsletter even to find out what it is about.

Let the user decide

This is not exactly an orthodox newsletter template design. But it's not a bad idea at all. If you are using email marketing applications that provide you with the option to choose the design then you can offer it to prospective customers. Most of the email clients or web based email services support template templates designed in HTML. So, you can use HTML as your default option. Those who want to see it in the plain text format can choose it from the menu.


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