SwitchUp Releases Rankings of The World’s Best Design Bootcamps Based on Alumni Reviews – Press Release


SwitchUp has released the industry’s first and only rankings of the best design bootcamps. The rankings are based on hundreds of alumni reviews on SwitchUp.org.

SwitchUp, an online platform that helps students to find a technology bootcamp for their transition into a technology career, has released the industry’s first and only rankings of the 7 best web design courses in the world. The rankings are based on alumni reviews that are available on SwitchUp.org, and are 100% data based.

“UX and UI design can be excellent fields for career changers,” says Jonathan Lau, founder and CEO of SwitchUp. “Most employers will judge potential hires based on the strength of their portfolio, as opposed to whether they have a design degree.”

SwitchUp’s list of the top 7 design programs is based entirely on ratings. Many alumni have provided thorough reviews on how a program gave them the skills necessary to land a new job, or how the program fell short. This provides prospective students with honest, reliable data that will enable them to make an informed bootcamp decision.

SwitchUp’s 2017 updated global bootcamp rankings include the following information:

  • School location(s), courses, subjects, and price ranking
  • The most recent review from an alumni
  • The number of alumni reviews that have been written about each bootcamp on SwitchUp
  • A star ranking of each school based on its total alumni reviews

“The transparency, honesty, and specificity of our alumni reviews help aspiring tech pros to make better decisions about which bootcamp to attend,” says Lau.  “Our new rankings of the best web design courses make it easy for a student to find the perfect program, and launch a career in this in-demand field.”

About SwitchUp

SwitchUp helps aspiring technology professionals to develop skills for a new career in coding, data science, design, and cybersecurity, among other fields. SwitchUp’s database features hundreds of bootcamps and thousands of reviews from alumni around the world.

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