Universal Access For Websites


The web is a magical place through which you can be transported to the places you have never seen before. It is growing very fast, like the magical places but limited by the imagination of the website creators. The website creators have to rethink about their designs to create something different and innovative. Designing a website for the visitors with special care and needs is not difficult at all and it often results in a much cleaner and more functional website. By making just a few changes to the site, the web designers will be happy to enjoy visits from people from all walks of the life.

A good website design expert will clearly get the purpose of the page specified by the client. They can lay out the navigation logically, without saying absolutely on java script as well as using ALT tags for describing the images used in the website. You could have no idea who will be visiting your site with their graphics turned off because they might pay for every micro second of time. They may be using an older browser which does not recognize java script.

Clearly labeled navigation is very important for all the users. The links can be underlined or they can show in different color which looks really cool. Use color carefully, as 8% of web users have difficulty in distinguishing colors to some amount and some may not have good color sense. Try to use web safe colors, as they are easy to identify in the website design, and do not create any problem for the readers.


Source by Nikit Saluja

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