Web Design: Building A Customer Focused Website


During your research, you need to identify your target customers, find out why they use your website and whether they find it convenient to use. There are many factors to consider and if you do not have the right mindset, try and engage the services of a good web design company or freelance web designer who are experts in picking out certain traits in web design.

Your target customers

Try to define the profile of your target customers. Are they your existing customers or potential ones? Are these people or organizations? What are their locations?

You can go through your customer records for responses to some of your questions. However, if you want information only about online clients, you can use some excellent online resources such as Alexa or HitWise. These tools can provide you information that can assist you in profiling online visitors. You can find out about online visitors to your website, your rival website or even that of your industry.

Your customers’ activities on your website

If your business already has a website that you are currently updating, you can very easily find out what they do when they visit. Explore the Internet for web analytical tools that provide comprehensive descriptions of the activities that visitors perform on your site.

Google Analytics is a free tool that is very easy to use and can answer many of your questions. It can tell you who visited your website, what they looked at, how much time they spent on each page and which visits led to successful sales. Google Analytics can also identify the sections of your website that do not work, the pages where probable clients drop out and the web pages that generate criticism.

You can also study your competitors’ business websites to find out what services they provide and compare that information with what you have to offer. Are your clients visiting the competitors too, if so where did they make their purchase? What pages on the competition’s site work the best?

Another possible strategy is to get this information from the customers themselves. You can either conduct one-on-one interviews with your clients or use an online survey. The advantage of receiving feedback directly from the customers is that you will get first-hand information about their experiences. Your interaction will communicate to them that their opinions and satisfaction matters.

The usability of your website

You can also learn a lot by exploring your site as a customer to assess its performance. Removing problems in usability will enable you to make the maximum number of sales, cut down on the number of unhappy customers and cut down on the time spent by customers in unnecessary procedures.

Once you have identified the problem areas in your website, you can begin working on resolving the issues, define what your website’s look, feel, structure and content should be. You will now be able to build a website that your clients will visit repeatedly.


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