Web Design Mistakes You Need to Know


If you are a budding and a beginning website developer dreaming of a site that's worth to be in the top Page Rank, you should be able to take note with what's cool and what's not in web design. Let's face it, there are some websites out there that is definitely not worth the precious seconds of your lifetime. You would not want to be categorized in the same rank, would you? And so, here is some fail-safe advice on avoiding the should-not-be-there-in-the-first-place.

First, do not put page counters. That stuff is for amateurs. If you really want to know how many hits your website has made, just ask your host for server stats.

Second, do not force people to download a new browser of special plug-in to see your site. Using CSS and HTML properly, you can create good quality pages that will not give people a pain in the butt of having to do certain things in order to gain access.

Third, do not try stupid cheat tricks so as to fool search engines. A lot of web designers in the past have created disreputable methods in order to get higher rankings in search engines. Methods such as putting hundreds of keywords on the pages as invisible text, and a whole lot more more have gained limited success in the past. But do not try to fool search engines like Google, or else your website might die of a horrible, painful death. What's important is that quality always makes the quantity.

Fourth, do not set up an "Under Construction" page. If you know that the page is not ready yet, then do not set it up. If your page is really under construction, but containing contain that can be accessed by people, then simply post a "last updated" date and make sure that the content will be in place very soon. Now the above mentioned advice is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many do's and don'ts out there. You can get inspiration from the high-ranked websites and do your own evaluation.

Web design is not easy job to do but in the end if you just avoid the web design mistakes, this information will certainly help you out. You may end up with nothing if you are not aware of the common mistakes in web design, you will certainly keep on repeating it. So, try these tips now and see how much of a difference it will make. Have fun on your journey.


Source by Bryan E. McConna'a

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